Full Roof Replacement In Lexington

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Located at 287 Pasadena Drive in Lexington, Lexington Blue® provides free consultations, inspections, and estimates to our clients in Central Kentucky. Let us show you how easy it is to get a new roof with our certified crew. We can also repair or replace your gutters and siding.

This is one of our recent roof replacements we performed in Lexington, KY.

The Process & Steps Of This Project

We aim to keep a clean and organized work environment. To begin with, we delivered the materials on site in a neat and organized fashion.

organized job site roofing materials 5-19-17
Organized Job Site Materials

Next, we prepared our work environment to keep the yard and landscape free from excess debris.

protecting yard from roof debris with tarps 5-19-17
Debris Prevention

Several preventative measures are always implemented to ensure we maintain respect for your home. Here’s an example on one of these measures taken. We use bracing devices, sometimes 2×4 blocks of wood to hold the ladders away from the gutters. This prevents scratches and or dents.

ladder against 2x4 to prevent gutter damage 5-19-17
Respecting Home’s Exterior

We can maintain this level of professional assurance because we employ quality control managers who make sure that your project represents our degree of quality and client satisfaction standards.

quality control manager making sure ladder is against board 5-19-17
On-Site Quality Control Manager – Josh

Once our process of approach was implemented, we began the initial project by removing the old roofing materials.

scraping off old roofing felt 5-18-17
Scraping Off Old Roofing Felt

Preparing the surface properly allowed us to ensure the roof maintained all necessary requirements to fulfill any warranty backing as well as function and protect the home with optimal performance.

underlayment scraped off roof before installation 5-19-17
Preparing Surface Before Installation

After preparing the surface, we began by installing our synthetic underlayment. This material has a life of 50 years and offers a more superior resistance to water penetration and other elements of deterioration.

lexington blue crew installing shingles 5-19-17
Securing New Underlayment

Another component of this roofing install was to add “drip edge”. This product prevents the water from penetrating and rotting the roof sheathing and wood fascia.

installing drip edge around roof 5-19-17
Installing Drip Edge

The Final Installation

After all the necessary components and materials were in place, we organized for the final steps of installation.

Surface Prepped For Install
Surface Prepped For Install

Our crew began installing the shingles.

lexington blue crew installing shingles 5-19-17
Installing Shingles

We maintained accuracy for visual appeal and uniformity by making sure that all shingles were aligned with each other.

Keeping Shingles Uniform In Appearance

Here’s a wide angled shot of this completed project.

completed roof installation lexington ky 5-19-17
Completion Of Install

Lexington Blue® stands behind the quality of our workmanship and our commitment to your satisfaction. You can always expect the best from our crew when you’re trying to decide which contractor to hire for your roof replacement in Lexington, KY.

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