Installed New Roof In Georgetown, KY

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Located at 287 Pasadena Drive in Lexington, Lexington Blue® provides free consultations, inspections, and estimates to our clients in Central Kentucky. Let us show you how easy it is to get a new roof with our certified crew. We can also repair or replace your gutters and siding.

Here’s one of our more recent roofing projects we performed in Georgetown, KY.

As always, we implemented high standards in our workmanship as well as presented ourselves on the property in a respectful and professional manner.

Installed New Roof In Georgetown, KY

Upon delivery of the roofing materials, we began the project by setting up for the removal of the old shingles.

roofing materials delivered on site 7-22-17

We placed tarps around the home to capture the discarded materials. This ensured a preventative measure so the discarded debris wasn’t lodged in the grass.

Place Tarps To Capture Discarded Materials

Our first process was to remove all the old existing shingles and roofing materials.

removing old shingles 7-22-17

As you can see the tarps we laid down in place acted as way to capture the discarded materials.

old roofing debris caught in tarp 7-22-17

Once we had a clean slate to work from we inspected all the remaining components and began by installing the initial roofing products.

installing synthetic underlayment 7-22-17

This is us installing synthetic underlayment. This material acts as an additional layer of protection which is installed prior to adding the shingles. It’s designed to help aid in preventing leaks.

half of roof has synthetic underlayment 7-22-17

We also installed ice and water shield.

installing ice water shield on roof 7-22-17

After installing all the preliminary materials, we set up to begin the shingle installation.

roof prepped with synthetic underlayment 7-22-17

We installed Owens corning shingles. They offer the best materials on the market and we have the status to back that statement up.

installing shingles on roof 7-22-17

After a dedicated day to hard work and perfection, we completed this project on time as promised.

finished roof installation 7-22-17

When you want to have a professional contractor install your roof in Georgetown, consider Lexington Blue® as your preferred choice. Our commitment is to deliver a quality service backed by our own personal guarantee and warranties.

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