Roof Installation In Nicholasville, KY

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Located at 287 Pasadena Drive in Lexington, Lexington Blue® provides free consultations, inspections, and estimates to our clients in Central Kentucky. Let us show you how easy it is to get a new roof with our certified crew. We can also repair or replace your gutters and siding.

This project was a complete roof replacement and new installation we performed in Nicholasville, KY.

As always, our materials were delivered and neatly organized on site prior to beginning.

roofing materials delivered on site 6-26-17
Roofing materials delivered

Our initial step was to remove all existing shingles and felt.

removing old shingles off of roof 6-26-17
Removed old shingles

We manually scraped the surface to ensure all original existing material was completely removed prior to the install.

removing roofing felt from roof 6-26-17
Scraping off old roofing felt

The image below shows the left side still requires felt removal, while the right side is fully prepped and ready for our installation. Note: We make sure to have a fresh clean surface to work from. This ensures your warranty meets any and all requirements for fulfillment. In many cases, other roofers will often roof over any existing materials, but this doesn’t meet our standards of value or quality assurance we aim to provide for our clients.

half of old roofing felt removed 6-26-17
Half of old roofing felt removed

An additional step we implemented was to catch and prevent the old removed roofing material and debris from penetrating the yard during the tear off.

tarp on ground to catch roof tear off 6-26-17
Using tarp to catch roof removal debris

Once our surface had been properly prepped, we started with the synthetic underlayment installation. This is the blue material you see below. It’s a secondary measure of protection between your wood decking and the shingles.

installing synthetic roofing underlayment on roof 6-26-17
Installing synthetic underlayment

Along the way we noticed a few sections of wood decking that needed replacing.

replaced wood decking on roof 6-26-17
Replacing sections of wood roof decking

After the roof install was complete, we made sure our clean up procedures were thoroughly performed. One of these procedures included our magnetic yard rake. The device you see in the below image has a commercial grade magnet designed to pick up metals such as possible roofing nails and fasteners from the yard. Although we take other preventative steps to keep your property debris free, this is just another assurance.

yard magnet picking up roofing nails in grass 6-26-17
Using magnetic yard rake to capture miscellaneous metal debris

Here’s our completion image of this project.

completed roof installation nicholasville ky 6-26-17

If your home in Nicholasville needs a small repair or a complete shingle replacement, you can trust Lexington Blue® for a quality experience.

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