Roof Inspections by Certified InspectorsWhen you think about hiring a roofer, do you have an expectation in mind? Generally speaking, it’s usually fairly simple – tell me what’s wrong with my roof (if you aren’t already aware), let me know how you can fix it, and give me a price. Simple, right? But what if there are things you don’t realize could benefit the life of your roof? Do you know all of the ways in which you could get a new roof through an insurance claim? You may not always know the right questions to ask. At [company_name] our goal is to assure customers that they are making the right choices for their home, reducing their need to know everything beforehand, and doing so with the utmost professionalism.

Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

The purpose of a thorough roof inspection is to assess and identify any structural and/or aesthetic damages, gauging the life of the roof. Aside from assessments after a big storm hits, ideal timing for an inspection is generally prior to and directly following the winter season. Cold weather, snow, and ice can bring about a lot of unforeseen damages that can leave your roof compromised. It’s best to have a highly certified and trained professional check things out, so that you can maintain full confidence in the integrity of your roof.

What To Expect

Following inspection, you can expect immediate consultation on how to proceed from that point. If we deem that your roof has enough damage to warrant an insurance claim, we will then assist you, step-by-step, through that process.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Your understanding for what needs to be done to ensure your roof replacement is not only necessary and covered by your insurance company, but done right & what to expect during, will be established in this consultation.

Insurance Claims Consultation

Once this is established, and you the homeowner have filed the insurance claim, we can then schedule an appointment with an insurance adjuster to assess your roof and our inspection. If they approve that what we found calls for new roof installation and/or roof repair, this approval is processed and we can begin with work order development, placing you on our schedule. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for our clients and customers.

With [company_name] you will feel confident in signing to be put on our schedule, and we have no doubt in your guaranteed satisfaction.